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KimKar Boxers

Mid-West Boxer Club
The upkeep of this page is now turned over to another member

Danall's Frenchies

Dane's Page

Boxer Watches

Boxers Haus

Arcata Pet Supplies


Heart of Ohio Boxer Rescue

Central Indiana Boxer

Boxer Rebound

Find a U.S. rescue

All Posters / Boxer

Boxer Art by Terri DeRome

Cafe Press Boxer Art

Boxer Posters

Boxer Art / Vicki Mellender
Does other breeds too ... her Boxer polymer sculptures are "to die for"!

One of Vicki's many sculptures capturing the whimsical character of the Boxer

Bark Bytes Rescue List

Roy Jones



Michigan Boxer Club

Find A Boxer Club Near You

American Boxer Club

Mid-West Boxer Club

Tree Towns Boxer Club

French Bull Dog Club
of America
Note:  At the present time there are no local Frenchie clubs in/near the Chicago locale.

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