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Kellie was our first Frenchie, purchased from Marlene & Ernest Wilson (Pineflats Frenchies & Boxers).  She was a beautiful cream-colored girl that stole our hearts.  Alas, she had some health problems ... and did not work out for "show" (or breeding) as intended. 

Unfortunately, when we took her in to be spayed, the vet said she would never survive surgery.  We thought she had aspiration pneumonia and she was placed on antibiotics.  When she returned for a follow-up, her situation had worsened versus improved.  There was no hope, and the vet was sure she was suffering. 

She was such a trooper, and thought she was a Boxer-mom.  She would run around the basket of puppies while I cleaned out their whelping box ... to the point that they did not dare leave the basket (and that is saying a LOT for Boxer pups) ... which was quite a site when I took the pups in for their 6-week exam and they all stayed IN THE BASKET as I walked across the hallway and paid my bill.

She will always have a special place in my heart and was a loving companion with our second Precious ... Kellie preferring to sleep next to (or in) Precious' crate versus with me on the bed.

We are updating this page ... please come back for pictures, etc.

Gizmo is our second Frenchie, acquired from Pinelflats as a "replacement" for Kellie ... alas she did not work out for "show" either as she grew too big ... but the temperament is quite spectacular, and she was bred to give back two puppies to her breeders and to give me another chance for that special "show hopeful" ... she was a WONDERFUL mother, whelping seven puppies in each of her two litters.

Gizmo came to live with me just a week prior to Richard's death. She is a man's dog -- she took to my now-husband, Dane, on our second date and never let him go.  She was my dog when he went home, but when he was over ... she forgot me.  That is okay ... she was a good judge of character, and now lives with and has both of us to cater to her desire.

Ebony is our first home-bred Frenchie (bred to Pineflats' Ch. Sundarby's Somethings Gotta Give) our of our Gizmo.  She is quite striking, however, she did not work out for show either as she has NO brindle (aside from the white on her chest, she is solid black ... a "disqualification" for the show ring) -- not one mark!  She does have white on her chest and a bit on her toes, but no brindle, not even a whisper.  At least she is not too big (one of her brothers is 40#!?!).

Nonetheless, she is our home-champion, and it is possible for us to breed her to a very brindly male with hopes of finding a happy medium on size and coloration for the show ring.

Cupid is from our second breeding of Gizmo to Danall's Look At Me.  When born, I thought God blessed me with another cream colored female (which I HAD to keep).  Oh well ... by the time I found out the joke, I was already in love with her ... a honey pied female (the markings did not come until a few weeks later -- and at first I thought it was "you know what" on her).

She has good size and temperament (not too big).  She is quick as lightening when you try to keep her in or out of a room, she is even more of a shadow to me than Ebony.  She LOVES the boat, is not too sure of her swimming lessons, but goes along just to be with mom.

And ... I still have hopes and visions of entering the show ring with her (she won a puppy match in spring of '08).

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