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Butch, Ebony, Teddy & Piper

Butch, Ebony & Teddy

Piper (left), Butch & Brownie (front), Teddy
& Buddy on right

Ebony & Tinkerbelle sleeping on sofa

Facing the camera on left is Brownie, then Butch
& Piper on right

Dane feeding the babies, Teddy or Buddy on left and Piper on right.

Born Monday, October 10, 2005
This was our first-ever French Bulldog litter,
of course, all of these babies are in permanent homes and not availble other than for your
viewing enjoyment.

Teddy ... lives with us

Piper ... lived with us

Buddy w/his new owners ... moved to Wisconsin

Butch ... moved to Momence, Illinois

Ebony ... lives with us

Tinkerbelle  ... went to Pineflats

Brownie ... went to Pineflats

View the pedigree of these puppies!

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