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This picture was taken at the American Boxer Club Specialty in Frederick, MD.  Pictured on the left is Ch. Hollycrest's Stage Hand, SOM ("Face"), shown with his daughter and son:  In the center is our Moonstruck's Precious-N-Few ("Precious") from our Ch. Hollycrest's Ain't Misbehavin ("Holly"), to the right is our Moonstruck's Facin' the Music (also "Face", junior) from our Queenie who was a "Farmer" (Ch. Hollycrest's Farm Hand, SOM) daughter

"The Family"

I remain on the Internet to showcase our "kids", share stories and experiences about them, to help others understand our breeds, and to help YOU find your "special" Boxer or Frenchie, or to simply answer questions you might have about one you already have.

We had limited litters, but those who had one of babies, always wanted another when the time came.  I am sorry to report we will no longer have Boxer puppies, however, I will make referrals to others who may have puppies. I am still in contact with the Mid-West Boxer Club and other breeders, thus making referrals or assisting your Boxerly search is not a problem. 

In the meantime, many of my fellow-Boxer acquittances acquired a new breed, the French Bulldog (also called a Frenchie).  I, too, found myself admiring these dogs and purchased our first, Kellie, from Marlene and Ernest Wilson, Pineflats Frenchies & Boxers.  Shortly before Richard's death, Kellie was replaced by her breeder with our second Frenchie, Pineflats Moonstruck Harvest (Gizmo) ... thus I will probably be seen sometime in the future with a Frenchie in the show ring, and a litter of Frenchies from to time.

All stories have a happy ending -- pictured below is myself, my new husband (Dane), and two of our male Frenchies  from our first Frenchie litter.  Dane, too, is an animal lover, and was quite the assistant with these small babies -- bottle-feeding, rocking them to sleep, and sharing TV time ... yes, spoiled!

I have always been a "dog person."  I like dogs of all breeds, and have enjoyed them since childhood; however, Boxers were my first "love."  I used to house-sit where a beautiful and intelligent Fawn Boxer, Lady, shared the home.  Lady followed me around, her owners dressed her up for Halloween, and she seemed to love everyone ... I attribute my love for this breed to her. 

In the mid 1980's my husband, Richard, and I moved to Valparaiso, IN.  Shortly thereafter I acquired our first Boxer, Lucy, Moonstruck's Lucinda's Aurora.  It would be about a year later when I acquired our Holly, from Hollycrest Boxers, Leon DePriest and Cheryl Colby. 

We will be forever grateful to Cheryl and Leon ... one who sold me Holly when I was in the right place at the right time, and the other for being my mentor and friend.  Holly went on to be our first champion, and foundation to our breeding program under the direction of Leon.  Holly was the daughter of Hollycrest's Ch. Hollycrest's Stage Hand-SOM (Face) and their Sjecoin's Waltzing Matilda, imported from Australia.

Richard went from never having a dog in the house, to sharing his household with numerous Boxers -- never complaining, always there to offer a helping hand during whelping, showing or just caring for and letting them in and out.

Unfortunately, Richard departed this world Friday, December 26, 2003. Having assisted me in this endeavor for nearly twenty years, he will be sadly missed, and I doubt I will raise another litter of Boxers.  I am sure he was met at the Pearly Gates by many of our previously departed Boxers -- especially his favorite Duke (not that they all did not share a special place in our hearts).  Richard will not only be missed by us Boxer people, but also by all of those who depended upon him to keep their cars running and their computers functioning.

Pictured below is Richard with two of my special home-bred boys:  Left is Skie as a puppy; Right are Ch. Moonstruck's Skies the Limit (Skie) and Moonstruck's Dreamin da Dream (Dreamer) as young boys ... the latter of which went to share his lifetime with the Pierce's in Alabama.

Since re-marriage, I've moved from Valparaiso, Indiana to Lake Station, Indiana.  Instead of Boxers, my house is filled with Frenchies.  Above are two "pups" from our first litter our of our Gizmo, Teddy (the black "brindle") and Piper (the "brindle pied") . . . both males are neutered and simply "couch potatoes".

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