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Stinnett's Ted E. Bear

From our Gizmo's first litter of 2005, Teddy left us the spring of 2008 to live with Dane's sister in Rolling Prairie, Indiana ... to be a spoiled one-and-only baby versus part of the "crazy pack" we have in our home with the girls.  Alas, it was not meant to be, and she returned him to us in November to move back to Florida ... he will remain here now and forever!

This poor boy, too, started having siezures, but is now fine and on phenobarbital to make sure he stays that way.

Stinnett's Moonstruck Pied Piper

From Gizmo's litter of 2005, Piper was quite the character ... always full of fun and ready to rumble!  He loved to sit in chairs, including when outside ... and he loved the boat!!!  We had to buy him a harness versus collar for safety's sake (which I'd highly recommend if you plan to take your pup boating) ... he thought he was the hood ornament or mom's assistant look-out!  Don't forget to latch the door ... he continually checked, and would be out like a flash and down the road before you could grab your keys and jump into the car ... he gave us many a chase and caused doors to be LOCKED versus merely latched!

Sadly, this boy suffered some malady, the origin of which we'll never know, wherein he became paralyzed overnight.  It was a sad day for the Stinnett household to say the least ... and so young.  At least he had a summer packed full of fun ... and got me some shade for the boat with canopy "to protect the dogs"!

Both of these boys were from our first Frenchie litter ... out of our Gizmo, Pineflat's Moonstruck Harvest (who was acquired from Pineflat's Frenchies), bred back to one of their males, Jack, Ch. Sundarby's Somethings Gotta Give ... from which the Wilson's took two females.

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