The facts are: White Boxer pups are born into litters approximately 20 to 25% of the time. We can breed a plain girl to a plain male, and in theory, get no whites in the litter ... but there may also be no "flashies" ... the preference for showing.

What to do? In "the old days", these pups were put down at birth, "culled" as it was called. It was believed that these pups, lacking pigment (color), had a high incidence of a wide array of health problems from deafness and/or blindness, heart problems, cancers, skin abnormalities or allergies, etc., etc. ... and quite possibly only to keep white out of their color to make them attractive for "working dogs" ... useful guard dogs in the military (it was war time) so they would qualify for food rations.

While it is true that the lack of pigmentation can and does correlate to deafness and/or blindness in Boxers, other breeds, even cats -- not all white pups or kittens are deaf nor blind ... AND blindness and/or deafness is not limited to just white as colored litter mates "can" have either or both as well, although experienced much less. This is how they are born into this world, not how they might become (excepting possibly the natural progression of old age) ... so IF you have a white hearing/seeing Boxer, don't fret that this ailment might befall you.

Since the introduction to the Internet and it's vast resource of knowledge and experience, it has come to understanding that many people possess white Boxers with little to no health problems ... living a long, normal and healthy life comparable to that of their colored litter mates. Yes, some do have some skin problems, are especially more susceptible to sunburn ... and some are, in fact, deaf and/or blind, needing a more special home, one that can provide for their special needs, but otherwise the pup is full of love in spite of it's limitations (the challenge is not for all people, and one must never consider a handicapped pup out of concern or feeling sorry for the pup as this will only lead to disaster for both human and pup without the proper commitment and ability).

Can they be registered with AKC? Yes, but most reputable breeders will sell them (some "give them away" due to ABC guidelines on the issue) with NO PAPERS (which then means you cannot register them with AKC) and a STRICT spay/neuter contract (as well as agreement that no papers are to be issued) ... sadly, some breeders still opt for not keeping them within their litter(s).

Since the color is a "disqualification" for Conformation-Show purposes, as are other attributes or lack thereof, they should NOT be bred ... breeding only the best of specimens to perpetuate the breed as we have come to know it is the best way to maintain it or any other man-made breed. This is not only true pertaining to "whites", but also other abnormalities such as wry mouth, poor temperaments, health problems, or other items not coming close the written standard.

Are they "rare" as some metropolitan newspaper ads claim? NO!!! As stated, they account for 20% or more of all Boxer puppy births. Rarer in days of old when "reputable breeders" put them down at birth, but becoming more common in today's world as this practice is frowned upon ... coupled with the realization that they can and do lead normal lives, bringing lots of love into someone's family ... including some deaf and/or blind ones who have found special loving families with extra devotion to their care and special needs.

Can you train a deaf or blind pup? Yes! But just as the Boxer breed is not for all people, these special needs find an even more limited pool of prospective people who would be up for the special needs/training, but it can be done with a loving and devoted pup on the other side of that training. A fenced yard would be an ABSOLUTE MUST and minimum for either of these, or a lifetime commitment of going outside on leash with no margin for error ... and believe it or not, perhaps another dog that is well-trained to help imprint and expedite training.

Should you "pay" for one? That is your choice and option ... to consider one or to walk away ... to find one that is being "given away" or to consider one that has a cost or value to you or the breeder. 

ABC members are frowned upon by their membership and guidelines or by-laws to "sell" (this word alone is subject to interpretation) a white puppy,  however, this white puppy grown and cared for until age of placement (usually around eight weeks of age), has received the same care as it's colored litter mates, has the same breeding/genetics, has hopefully been vaccinated, vet-checked, fed the same quality and quantity food with the same quality time -- this pup is certainly worth something as a pet -- albeit less without papers ... yet still ALL-Boxer!

To pay near and above a thousand dollars is uncalled for (the "rare" tactic), and taking advantage of a gullible or un-informed public.  To pay a few hundred dollars or less as one would for a "pet" pup, perhaps even less as it will most probably (hopefully ... at least from a "reputable" breeder) be "without papers", is surely not unreasonable for a well-bred, well cared for Boxer babe of any color or consideration.

Some people believe that "reputable breeders" have bred out the color white, however, if someone is breeding for "show", chances are they are breeding for "flash" right along with health and other conformation. If they don't have white puppies in their litter, they are extremely lucky ... or ... these pups are not being acknowledged or talked about ... or worse.

Not all flashy to flashy breedings do create white puppies ... just as not all "plain" breedings are safe from their appearance ... breeding is not an exact science. What needs to be exact is what we do when and if these lives appear within our collective litters.

Whether you consider a white Boxer or not is a personal choice ... just as fawn or brindle, flashy or plain, boy or girl. There "could" be more inherent problems than with a colored litter mate -- you have to be informed, do your homework, make your own decision as to what you want to do or what is right for you.

Below are some links that might be helpful with more information pertaining to "White Boxers".

The controversy wages on:  White Boxers? Yes!  White Boxers?  No!  Do they have more health problems than their colored litter mates?  Should they be given away as worth nothing (or worse), or can they be sold?  Should they be kept, or should they be put down at birth due to their lack of coloration?

The White Boxer

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