Boxers are a unique breed. They are NOT a breed for everyone or all family circumstance. What endears them to true Boxer-lovers, finds them in rescues and shelters across the country from people who did not research the breed, honestly assess their family situation, or determine what qualities they might want in a dog ... and I get at least one e-mail a week requesting information about rescue organizations that will take one's pup/dog from them, or with serious cries/pleas for help on what people consider to be an errant YOUNG Boxer who has not even had time to be taught!?!

A pup commonly goes through what I term "The Terrible Twos" (a common age of relinquishment). If you've had a human toddler, you know what this means ... the Boxer knows what you wanted and how you wanted it done "yesterday" and days before, but "today" the Boxer has decided not to listen, to do things his/her way, etc. etc.! Consistency and persistence in training along with patience and understanding will get you and your Boxer through this stage, back to or better than "before" .... but you cannot give up, you cannot sit idle, and you have to continue to "try"!

Boxers require "time"! The lack of providing same to a Boxer leads to self-entertainment which sometimes means destruction of household or personal property. Boxers don't seem to know they are "dogs" ... they react and act more like children ... like a human toddler soul entrapped in a canine body called "Boxer" ... this is throughout the Boxer's life. If your family is busy with work, after-school or after-work social activities that will keep you away from home for hours and days on end, this breed is NOT for you ... unless you can include the Boxer in on the fun. Don't take this wrong, you can work and still enjoy the companionship of a Boxer ... it just takes a little planning to get in the required exercise, training and TIME to spend with your "kid" (Boxer).

Boxers are considered a high-energy breed ... they love to romp and play, run and jump. Although exercise is needed, some planning to play fetch, or take walks can accomplish this need. By contrast, when all is said and done with the Boxer being happy and well-exercised, they are "couch potatoes" ... literally. They have preferences for soft things ... sofas, beds ... pillows!?! They love to snuggle on the sofa and take a nap with you ... if there is no room for them, no problem, they lay on top of you like a blanket!

They tend to snore, and sometimes are known for passing gas. Some people think they are drooly, but this is usually not the case unless we are talking about drinking water ... or contemplating that last morsel of food they think you might offer ... and how could you resist those soulful brown eyes?

They love children, probably because they think they are one. Even as oldsters, they like to play. They are protective of "their children" ... which also means when and if you might have to pat your own two-legged kid on the behind.

Owning a dog of any breed is a commitment for the life of the to-be-dog ... cute as a puppy, loads of fun and companionship ... don't forget to pamper them in old age too! They would not leave you if you were ill, or added to your family, or divorced, or changed jobs or moved ... PLEASE ... don't cast them aside either!  If you cannot keep them, please take the time to personally find them an appropriate home YOU feel comfortable with!!!

Is A Boxer for You?

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