Many times people purchase a puppy without doing research on the breed they are about to select. What happens when things don't work out? Dogs get abused ... get left outside in fenced yards in which they are left exposed to the elements, become bored and perhaps dig or climb out from their confinement ... others are left to roam, to get hit by cars ... while others are sent to shelters or rescues ... some finding new homes ... others being put to death.

Adopting a "rescue" is not for everyone, but neither is raising a puppy ... and for the some, the "right" to own a dog is questionable.

There are many mis-beliefs about "rescues". Not all in their care have been abused or abandoned, or have temperament or behavior problems. Many of them were merely mis-understood by their previous owners who perhaps did not have the time to
spend with them, to train or otherwise direct. Even many of those who were actually abused
go on to be loving members (forever grateful and thankful to their new and loving owners) of an understanding household.

Boxers are a UNIQUE breed ... not for everyone! What endears them to true Boxer-lovers is also what finds them in shelters across the country. They require time, human attention and interaction. They are akin to having a human toddler soul entrapped within a canine body called "Boxer". Boxers are considered to be an "active" dog, however, exercise can be accomplished by playing with another dog, children, going for walks, and just being included in family activities. Not knowing they are "dogs", Boxers prefer comfy furniture to floors, however, some people are able to hold firm against those soulful eyes and train them otherwise. Mine ... well, they like the bed ... I think it's mine, they think it belongs to them ... we share! One even uses a pillow (she has her own)! They are NOT a dog for people who have an active or busy social or business life that keeps them from home frequently ... nor for people that don't intend to spend time nor interact with their Boxer. They truly are like children.

Some Boxers in rescue organizations were acquired from terrible situations -- being abused, neglected or abandoned. Others were relinquished direct, or to shelters from which they were rescued. Reasons Boxers are relinquished range from the "novelty" of the cute and cuddly puppy wore off, to the stark realization of responsibility and time a person finds they are NOT able to give, to deaths or illness in the family, a change of family circumstance (divorce, children coming or going, allergies, moving, etc.), to behavior problems, and the list goes on ...

The fear of someone else's problems is what keeps many from considering a "rescue" ... yet the problem may have simply been that the person was not prepared for the time our breed may require in personal companionship. Some people don't have a clue about how to train a dog! Just because one person had a particular problem with a dog, does not mean YOU will have that problem! The problem may have been a temporary thing, such as puberty (most Boxers go through what I term "the terrible twos"). I try to warn prospective purchasers about this potential dilemma, but are all made aware from other breeding sources? And, one might not even know what I am talking about until they actually experience it. If you have children, you know what this means! It is not permanent, but it does require a degree of consistency and understanding. The Boxer will challenge your patience -- keeping you between laughing and wondering -- but persistence will re-gain your obedient (okay ... LOL, somewhat) Boxer on the other side.

If you are not sure about our breed, visit dog shows or breeders. If you think you may be interested in a "rescue", please give your local rescue a call!

Different rescue organizations operate in various ways. All try to determine the best placement for both Boxer and personal desire/need. Some are organized and have Boxers to view at a set place ... others have systems of foster homes. Please be prepared to be checked out yourself, as you will check on them. Perhaps you will call or visit and they won't have what you are seeking, please check again ... the selection is FOREVER changing!!! When all fits and looks good, you and your new Boxer choice will be off to enjoy your "new family's" life. Don't get discouraged!!!

PLEASE NOTE: A "rescue" is NOT a FREE dog ... it costs money to rescue an animal, to feed them, provide necessary medical treatment, conditioning, training or rehabilitation to find them a suitable home or make them acceptable. They are, however, worth every bit of what a particular rescue organization may ask ... full of love to give and in need of a second chance! Some may not have cost the particular rescue organization a penny, while others will have cost hundreds more than you will be charged. The "fee" for rescues helps to off-set some of the expenses and allows them to continue to assit other Boxers in need.

I have placed "older Boxers" with people (friends) whom I thought could offer love and more time to them ... it DOES work! There might be an adjustment time, but once they get used to another feeding them, loving them, and/or caring for them, all is on it's way to a new life. All a Boxer
has is companionship and love to give right back to you!!!

Considering a Boxer?  Have you thought about a "Rescue?"  Do you NEED to have a puppy?  If so, do you have time for a puppy?  do you have for a dog (being home to let it outside for "nature's call," training, spending time, etc.)?

Are you seeking a rescue for the placement (giving up) of your Boxer that is not seeming to work out? First, you should know that rescue organizations are not in a position to "purchase" your Boxer from you. Second, and should be first, have you checked with the breeder from whom you purchased your Boxer? Most breeders WANT to know when something is not working out, many will take them back in lieu of a shelter or rescue organization. Last, you should know that many shelters KILL dogs in their care after so many days . . . some are lucky to find the brains and hands of rescue organizations. Of rescue organizations, many are over-whelmed with Boxers-in-need, many have "waiting lists" of Boxers needing them (many are in foster homes throughout their state), just as they have lists of people seeking Boxers.

IF your family situation has changed (divorce, illness, etc.), PLEASE consider checking with vets in your locale for peple who may have recently lost a loved Boxer and may perhaps be seeking a "replacement" or "new" companion; or taking out an ad in the newspaper and interviewing families to find your Boxer (you no longer want) a suitable loving home!!!

This innocent being you brought into your home and life deserves ONLY THE BEST . . . if you cannot give him/her your time for the rest of their life, please give him/her a week to a month of your time to help find them a suitable and loving "forever home"!


The "Rescue"

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